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Uncharted Life byTheresa A. Bandaccari
Uncharted Life
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Best seller novelist Daniel Carson returns one year after a year long book tour for his latest book. He knew his dedication had finally paid off, but it was not without problems. He would have to come back and face what he left behind a year ago. The trial was finally about to begin, and he was the key witness in the case of State of California vs. Carl Carson for the murder of his wife Caroline. Dark secrets and painful memories have come back to him. Will the struggle of his writing career and getting a world tour to promote his book change things for him? Will people have pity on him and buy his books now knowing what he went through?

The success of the book and his career had been due to his mother believing in him. Now she’s not there to share it with him. Will he walk this uncharted life alone? What will people think of what he reveals in the course of the trial?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 100900
Published: Jul 2018
Genre: Romance

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