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Tooth And Claw by Thea Hartley
Tooth And Claw
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Book 4 of the 'Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries'.
“Amy Winters was tearful. She sat at her desk in her bedroom, looking forlornly at her laptop showing a ‘Missing Persons’ page. ‘Once someone has been missing more than 48 hours the chances of finding them alive is extremely slim, except in the cases of obvious runaways.’

Could her mother have realistically run away? Was she fed up of looking after a family and a boring job? Had she run off to find some excitement?

Amy, at 16, could understand feeling like that. She sometimes had fantasies of running off to somewhere herself and being ‘discovered,’ then becoming a famous top model. However, she knew the realities were different, that without a place to go and money to support you, you could get into serious difficulties.

She was sure her mother wouldn’t have taken that path. In addition, since she had disappeared on Sunday there had been no sightings of her, she had no money, nor had she taken any from a ‘hole in the wall’.

Amy’s face was now awash with tears ...her mother was dead ...she knew it. Oh dear God, where was she?”
- - -
People are going missing in and around Cardiff.

The cases are baffling the police, as they seem to be connected but there is no connection between them. The people involved, men and women, are different ages and have totally different backgrounds and interests.

The police call in Resa James, criminal psychologist. They ask Resa to try to construct profiles of these missing persons which may link them psychologically in some way, and thus help them to solve the mystery.

Resa starts this difficult challenge and interviews the family and friends of those who have disappeared.

Whilst Resa’s personal life continues to get more and more complex. With the case, a pattern starts to emerge.

But then the first dead body turns up.

Aspects of the killing are bizarre and almost too horrific to contemplate.

Read one of the most baffling and frightening cases, Resa and the team have ever been involved in.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 63500
Published: Jun 2015

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