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Theresa A Bandaccari
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Blind But See
This is the story of Savanna Hastings, told by her adopted daughter Contessa. Spanning more than a lifetime and travelling between the East and West coasts of the USA, this is a story full of romance and heartache and surprises. However, perhaps in the end it’s a story of people and their spirit to make something of themselves...
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Uncharted Life
Best seller novelist Daniel Carson returns one year after a year long book tour for his latest book. He knew his dedication had finally paid off, but it was not without problems. He would have to come back and face what he left behind a year ago...
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Theresa Bandaccari
Theresa fell in love with the written word at a very early age and has never stopped. She reads as well as writes about things dear to her heart because they are everyday life issues.
"I include my poetry and my beloved animals that I have had and do have. As a matter fact, the first book I ever had published was dedicated to one of my cats.
I hope you will enjoy my books with family and friends and maybe you can see yourself or someone you know in a story that I write about.
I love the ocean and Lake Tahoe where my grandfather (Whom I never knew) designed and built a cabin.
I answer any and all emails from my readers. So feel free to ask questions about my books."
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