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The Quest by Mick O'Shea
The Quest
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The Quest - the first instalment of the Xavier Chronicles trilogy - is a thrilling fantasy tale brimming with adventure, excitement, intrigue, and just a hint of romance.

Having fallen asleep in an abandoned watchtower at a cove near his village, 16-year-old Lucian accidentally witnesses Princess Rhiana of Abador being handed over to the blood-lusting Galyaks by Valessian mercenaries. Lucian’s grandfather dismisses his claims of having seen High King Ocwan’s sole heir and Abador’s future queen being abducted as a dream, but his grandmother believes Lucian and that rescuing the Princess is his destiny.

With his pet wolf Lykan as company, Lucian sets forth for Abador to alert the High King as to what he’d witnessed at the cove. Whilst en-route to the city, he encounters Varos, whom he subsequently discovers is Sir Lanvar, one of the celebrated Xavier Knights.

The seven Xaviers were selected from Abador’s bravest warriors by the sorcerer Lord Akola, the last of the Elkai, and oath-bound by him to serve the Gods. However, Lord Akola hasn’t been seen in three summers and in that time a Symian sorcerer called Nikobar has poisoned the High King’s mind against the Xaviers and had the Knights declared outlaw.

Nikobar’s true purpose for coming to Abador is to search for the ancient Amulet of Meshtar. He needs the amulet to perform a dark ritual to release Gazankulu the Dragon Lord from his Netherworld realm on Asima Na.

In a race against time, Lucian, together with Sir Avicus and another Xavier Knight, Sir Lanvar, set out from Abador to find the remaining Xaviers so that together they might rescue Princess Rhiana from the Galyaks and thwart Nikobar’s intention of releasing Gazankulu into the sunlit world.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 64000
Published: Aug 2015
Genre: Fantasy

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