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The Plague Doctor - A Vanstone Novel by C P Sennett
The Plague Doctor
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"The man stared at Laurie and Laurie wasn’t sure why but he pulled his scarf up over his nose. Was it as a child does with the duvet to protect himself from any imagined monsters? He could not say. Laurie put his hands up, unsure if it was to say he wanted no part of it or to try to calm the raging man.

“Move!” said the guy. “NOW!” Laurie stood his ground and didn’t flinch this time. “The police will be here soon, go, let me explain but leave the girl alone, have a heart for fucks sake!” he said.

“I’ll kill you,” the man said changing from shouting to an intimidating and cold sounding voice. “Get outa my way,” he said pointing a menacing finger at Laurie.

“No,” replied Laurie in a quiet tone. “No,” he repeated this time with more confidence. “You won’t bully me.”

“Hiding your face like some bandit won’t help you, I’m gonna strangle you with it and then Elena,” he said now pointing at the little girl in Laurie’s seat. “You WILL do as I say!” he roared.

The girl said nothing, remaining motionless, as Laurie stood in the way of the big man. He glanced at the mother lying motionless on the floor. There was no sign of assistance from the overweight bus driver. Laurie put out his left hand to the girl in a bid to reassure her. “Stay in your seat Elena, no matter what, he won’t hurt you,” he added as confidently as he could."
* * *
Masks hide more than just flesh…
A sadistic killer stalks the city of Green Valley Falls and with limited resources the police are getting nowhere.
Fear grips the heart of the city as the unusual nature of the attacks are kept from the media.
Laurie Hood, a young man living a mundane life loses a friend to the killer and begins investigating the case himself. He quickly has to adapt to his new life as the killer widens his list of targets and as his reign of terror continues. Can one man make a difference?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 75200
Published: Dec 2012

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