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The Ghosts of Flight B-17 by Francis Sookraj
The Ghosts of Flight B-17
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Billy looked across the loch – a mist hovered and moved eerily in slow-motion above the surface. Further away, he saw the green landscape. This was a beautiful part of the world. Peaceful. Not a sound anywhere except the birds in the trees. There was no one around no sign of human life. Billy had the whole place for himself. He smiled at the picturesque beauty of the area – and thought how lucky he was to live here. Lots of people from other parts of the country would be envious of him.

The mist was moving again and seemed to be getting denser until the hills disappeared from his view... Then something very strange happened, as Billy glanced up at the mist covered sky, a swirl emerged in the center and a vacuum sucked a hole in the mist... and out from it came, what seemed to be a World War 2 Bomber. It was grey in colour; it had propellers spinning on each of the wings, and on the sides of the plane was the distinctive emblem that said it was an American Bomber Plane.

Billy stared at the bomber in total disbelief; his mouth dropped slack-jawed. He couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw. What was an American World War 2 Bomber doing flying over Loch Lomond in 2013?

Very, very, strange indeed.
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An excellent children's story full of mystery and excitement.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 22500
Published: Jun 2014

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