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Sticks And Bones by Thea Hartley
Sticks And Bones
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Book 2 of the 'Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries'.
Resa spoke “What did you want to see me about?”

“We’ve got an unusual case, which I’d appreciate your help with.”

Resa felt a frisson of excitement. It would be good to use her psychological skills in a practical manner again. It was fine lecturing and debating with the students, but nothing beat the thrill of tackling a real case and helping to solve it.

“Ok. Tell me about it”

“A woman, Trina Summers, was found unconscious in bed. She had actually suffered a heart attack, but was revived. However, it was discovered in hospital that she was brain dead and could only breathe on life support. The post mortem is still on-going, but the indications are that she was poisoned. The toxicology report has been repeated due to anomalies, but everything points to murder. The thing is... there are no clues, suspects, motives, or anything. Not at present anyhow, we are completely baffled.”

“What do you think I can do? It’s only one murder, so practically impossible to profile, and there are no psychological connections to make.”
* * *
People are dying. They are being poisoned and the police don't know why or how. There is no obvious motive and no connection between the victims. The police need answers, the police need Resa James.

Resa James, criminal psychologist and specialist in Victimolgy, gets entangled in a terrifying series of murders and attempted murders where not even she, her family or her friends are safe from attack. Who is behind these murders, how are they doing it.... and, most importantly why?

Join Resa and the team at Cardiff Police HQ including Superintendent Mike Thompson, DI Rob Stevens and DS Angela McCarthy as they try to solve this mystery without falling victim to the evil that stalks them.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 57500
Published: Dec 2014

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