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Starting in Sales by C P Sennett
Starting in Sales
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‘Starting In Sales’ is the ideal book for anyone who wants to start a career in sales and to progress to the top.

The information packed into this book can give you a 'head start' over the other people in your industry. All too often new sales staff are not given enough guidance or training to get the results (and rewards) that they want. This book will help you to get and to stay ahead...

Sales work is almost always accompanied by constant pressure to perform and good sales training can mean that you can outshine those around you. It's been said many times, Knowledge is Power...

This book combines the details of how to get a job in sales along with sales training that will help you to develop into an excellent salesperson.

It covers in detail:
  • Where and how to find sales roles.
  • CV advice and tips.
  • Interview tips and advice.
  • What to do if you don't get the job you want.
  • Introduction to telesales.
  • The basics of face to face sales.
  • The quest for promotion.

If you are thinking about getting into sales, trying to get into sales or have got a job in sales but just need that something extra, then ‘Starting In Sales’ is the answer you have been looking for…

The author C P Sennett lives in Suffolk and is the owner of a number of profitable small businesses as well as having worked for a number of large corporate companies.

He considers himself fortunate to have worked with some excellent business professionals in his time. He credits much of the results he enjoys to “watching other successful people and adapting as they do.”

eBook details:
Number of Words: 27600
Published: Apr 2012
Genre: Business

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