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You might get too much

by SuZanne Ahlin

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Book TWO in the ‘A Secret World’ Series.

There is a magical, sometimes frightening, world hidden within the world that most people know about. A world of Vampires, Werewolves, Anims, Warlocks and more.

Alexis loves Jeannie but then so does someone else. Someone who also is a Vampire and a Warlock, just like Alexis, maybe with even more power. Even the mighty Alexis Sinclair doesn’t always have lady luck on his side.

Alexis had gone against mother nature when he made Jeannie 40 years younger. He also went against The Regime and all the rules of their secret world. Now he has Jeannie by his side, but was it going to last for eternity? He had lived his whole life his way and that had been for many, many years. Jeannie had lived her normal mortal life fully, and now, the idea of eternity, scared her.

Jeannie still don’t know very much about his world. Alexis had not taught her all the rules. He didn’t think it was necessary because she had him and he would take care of her. But Jeannie was far too independent and stubborn.

They have enemies who fear the powers they have as a couple, and who know that they are raising a child with powers they aren’t fully aware of. Enemies who would kill them if they got the chance.

Jeannie was torn, she loves Alexis but what exactly are her feelings for this other man? Will she choose one or the other or will she lose both?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 56500
Published: May 2017

Genre: Fantasy
Sub-genres: Romance / Supernatural

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