War of power - a Fantasy eBook by B. J. Beach.

War of power

by B. J. Beach

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Volume 3 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.

“The rattle of sleet lashing against his study window was doing nothing to improve Karryl’s mood. He had returned to the palace apartment after the winter holiday, keen to start work on solving the mystery of how Keril’s book and the medallion interacted. Now, after two days of fruitless trial and error, he sat gazing dejectedly at the pages of small close writing, wondering why something which reason told him would be so simple, was proving so intractable.

Symon looked up at him, grey eyes twinkling. ‘I gather from your expression that it has so far eluded you.’”

* * *

So many questions and so few answers.

Will Karryl, the Mage Prime be ready for his part in the final battle?

With enemies like Ghian and his Grelfi flying the deadly and dark grelfons and attacks from Assassin-Wraiths, will he and Symon indeed survive long enough to witness the incredible events that have been foretold for when the three stars align?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 151000
Published: Feb 2015

Genre: Fantasy

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