The Time Ship - a Science Fiction eBook by David Lawrence Morris.

The Time Ship

by David Lawrence Morris

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“Hello? Is this Dr. Miller?” the voice said. It sounded American. As a matter of fact it sounded southern. It was a female voice. The area code on the incoming number was 713. “Wasn’t that somewhere in Texas?”

“Yes...” He answered cautiously.

“Is this Brian Miller, the Physicist?” came a second query.

“Yes,” he said not wanting to give the voice any more information than absolutely necessary.

“My name is Carol Norris and I am calling you from NASA.”

* * *

So started a chain of events that would lead Brian Miller backwards and forwards in time - helping solve a mystery that had the potential to destroy mankind...

Time travel and time paradoxes and most of all good and brave ordinary people who will do what it takes to keep what they cherish.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 52500
Published: Jan 2015

Genre: Science Fiction

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