The Path To Enlightenment - a Personal Development eBook by Bruce Everett Miller.

The Path To Enlightenment

by Bruce Everett Miller

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What is enlightenment? Do you know… How can you know… What do you need to know…

Bruce Everett Miller has studied this matter for many years – not from the viewpoint of an ascetic who sits quietly upon a mountain-top contemplating his (or her) navel. But from the viewpoint of a both a Warrior and a Healer – A martial artist for most of his life who currently holds an 8th degree black belt in the art of Quan Li K’an – A soldier with 31 years in the US Army – A medic both in the Army and in civilian life having worked as a Physician Assistant in Psychiatry for the VA for over 25 years.

And his conclusion… The path to enlightenment is there, it’s not an easy path but it is there if you want to follow it…

Read his information packed book to discover:

  • What works and what may not work (even if you do it for a lifetime). 
  • What is Zen and why ‘Zen’ may not be the answer for you. 
  • Why being selfless may not be the answer. 
  • Why fighting for what is good may not be the answer. 
  • What is this thing we call ‘Reality’? 
  • Your positive and negative energy aspects. 
  • A definition of ‘Enlightenment’. 
  • The Pillars of practice: Acceptance; Forgiveness; Understanding; Lust; Territorial Defense; Natural protection of children; Peace and Love.

And much much more…

Of course you ask, will reading this book lead me to ‘Enlightenment’? And the answer is a resounding NO!!! But reading this book AND putting into your life the thoughts and practices and (as clearly explained in the book) learning how to question and develop those same thoughts and practices may well do so…

eBook details:
Number of Words: 22000
Published: Apr 2012

Genre: Personal Development
Sub-genres: Personal Development / Religion & Spirituality

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