The Magic of Meridians - a Health and Medical eBook by Lucy Pole.

The Magic of Meridians

by Lucy M. Pole

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'The Magic of Meridians: Tapping puts Chronic Pain in the Past' by Lucy M. Pole B.Sc.

In the new field of Energy Psychology there are a confusing number of techniques and acronyms related to meridian energy point stimulation or simply “tapping”. This profusion has obscured the fact that no one technique is actually superior. They all get results. It is these results - particularly when treating anxiety, fear and emotional hurt - that are so intriguing to patients and practitioners alike.

I would like to point out that EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping is not a therapy - it is a series of techniques. Only when you add elements of therapy to it do you enter the rich and relational world of therapy. This book is about that world, and your guide is Lucy Pole. The framework for the therapeutic journey is the life-changing experience of her client, Daniela. I am sure that Tapping can take the credit for much of the emotional release that Daniela experienced, when dealing with her life’s traumas and setbacks, but it is also clear how important the human elements are in therapy, even when using such powerful techniques as EFT .”

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This book is both a guide to the use of ‘Tapping’ and a case study of ‘Daniela’, showing how great change can be brought about even when the client is not (initially) completely convinced of in the possible benefits that ‘EFT’ may have to offer...

“…and my muscles have been hurting for so long, I don’t know why and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it. I don’t believe this EFT can help me; it’s just a practical joke, but I choose to find some benefit anyway. I am willing to follow the procedure. It’s easy enough, and I’m curious to see where the first signs of relaxation will appear. Even if my muscles are hurting me right now, I choose to send energy to those muscles to help them to relax and return to normal.”

...and from beginnings filled with doubt, read of a path that was at some times smooth and sometimes rocky and full of setbacks, though it led to eventual success and wellness. Click below to read Daniela’s story and learn how EFT helped her ... and maybe will help you too...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 61500
Published: May 2015

Genre: General Non-Fiction
Sub-genres: Health and Medical

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