The Kill Gene - a Military Fiction eBook by B B White.

The Kill Gene

by B. B. White

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US Army - stationed in West Germany - Got what it takes?


“Hey, Newbie,” Private First Class (PFC) Colaine started, “What do you think of your roommate?”

Stetter – not realizing or having to know that Colaine was one of many in a long line of Spec4 WYB’s roommates who moved out as quickly as possible – looked at Colaine and replied, “He just needs to leave me alone.”

“Or what, Newbie? Are you going to cammy up and do some murderous night ops?”

“If I need to,” Stetter replied, not realizing he was reacting too seriously to the situation and especially to the line of Colaine’s questioning.

“Man, Newbie! Sounds like you’ve got the Kill Gene! Hey, Sarge!”

Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Royal looked back at Colaine.

“The FNG’s got the Kill Gene, Sarge!”


Come along and read about the life of Private Thomas Stetter and learn all about The Kill Gene...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 31500
Published: Nov 2016

Genre: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Military Fiction

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