The Jesus Parallel - a Mystery & Adventure eBook by Peter Rossfour.

The Jesus Parallel

by Peter Rossfour

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Why does the Israeli Intelligence Agency ‘Mossad’ have a special unit to protect ‘The David Line’ and ensure its secrecy and why are the CIA and MI6 so concerned?

What is the 'David Line' and how does all this relate to Jesus Christ?

Joshua Nazareth, an American award-winning journalist and top-selling author, decides to research a book on Jesus by visiting Israel?

Is the truth about Jesus far more involved than he had been led to believe? Has the Church been propagating a lie for millennia?

Did Jesus really die on the cross? Was he married?


‘The Jesus Parallel’, Is an interesting, exciting and sometimes exotic story that will captivate and take you to a place far away and yet so familiar. A work of fiction based on fact that will sweep you along and let you wonder long after you have put it down whether we have Jesus, and even God, all wrong?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 182000
Published: Sep 2014

Genre: Mystery & Adventure
Sub-genres: Mystery & Adventure / Thriller

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