The Entrepreneur Business - a Business eBook by Carl Boniface.

The Entrepreneur Business

by Carl Boniface

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Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you want to be one or have you ever just simply wondered what makes people take on all of the risks involved in setting up and running their own business?

'The Entrepreneur Business' is the story, thoughts and advice from one such person. Carl Boniface grew up in England with a complete disregard for the idea of education and left school with no qualifications. Many jobs and businesses later he is a successful entrepreneur, living in Brazil with his family and he is now a passionate enthusiast and supporter of education for children and of continued learning in order to achieve success.

His stories about his businesses (the successes and the failures) from England to Brazil via way of Miami, allow the challenge of being an entrepreneur to shine out from this book. The Japanese have a saying " Nana Korobi Ya Oki " which means 'fall down seven times get up eight' - that's the trick to being a successful entrepreneur known to people across the World from the high flyers like Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson to the more modest successes like Carl.

This book is filled with his advice for business and life, and his passion for encouraging people to do their own thing. Get it, read it, live it...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 41500
Published: May 2012

Genre: Business
Sub-genres: Personal Development

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