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by Chris Graham

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Selected - “Perverts, or not, Constable… Murder is still murder, OK?”

A 'Lena's Friends' novel.

The bloody bodies of convicted or suspected pædophiles are being found, butchered in the most painful and humiliating manner, while others are still having their cravings fed by unscrupulous pimps.

A bizarre religious cult, with its origins in California in the heady days of nineteen sixties’ flower power, has set up home on a West Country farm. But is the kind of peace and love they preach really as innocent as it seems?

Meanwhile, Bristol’s street drug dealers are being attacked and hospitalised, in a struggle for supremacy between rival criminal organisations.

Only with the involvement of Lena and her friends, both inside and outside the police service, can justice finally be done.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 85900
Published: Sep 2018

Genre: Crime & Detective

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