Reflex Pressure Points - a Martial Arts eBook by Bruce Everett Miller.

Reflex Pressure Points

by Bruce Everett Miller

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Reflex points are a subset of pressure points in general which includes, amongst other techniques, light force knockouts.

This book will strive to give you the understandings of what reflex points and reflex actions are and how to use them. Understand that this is far more than simply memorizing techniques or points. The book will teach you both how and why things work.

The key to reflex points is not just where you initially make contact but also the direction of the strike, the direction you force the underlying structures (tendons, ligaments, nerves) AND most importantly the body's reactions which will occur to the strike. It is these reactions that are important. This is the book that will explain how and why.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 30500
Published: Jun 2013

Genre: Martial Arts

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