Recreation - a short prequel to the Lena's friends novels eBook by Chris Graham.


by Chris Graham

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Recreation - "Yes, you do look a little familiar…"

A short story prequel to Chris Graham's, the 'Lena's Friends' novels.

The year is 2004. You are about to meet Lena Fox for the very first time.

Lena sells herself. She works as a high class escort. In essence, she is a prostitute. A very good one, a very successful one, she enjoys her work immensely and has done very well from it.

Lena's real passion though, is not one that reflects the Champagne lifestyle of her wealthy clientèle. Lena's passion has wheels. Lena prefers to wear well worn jeans, Doc Marten boots, and an old black leather jacket that had once belonged to her late father. Her father had given her the passion for riding motorcycles.

At a bike rally, Lena gets involved with helping the victim of a crime and also meets up with Tony, someone she had previously met in a ‘professional’ way... Despite initial worries that her business and private lives should be kept separate, it soon becomes obvious that Tony was definitely going to be one of ‘Lena's Friends’...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 11000
Published: Apr 2015

Genre: Crime & Detective

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