QuiziPedia - a Hobbies & Games eBook by Ruwan Sen.


by Ruwan Sen

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Presenting questions in non-thematic sections which makes reading and answering QuiziPedia a much more challenging and interesting pursuit.

You have the opportunity to test your (or your friends) all-round ability rather than just have a quick check on a known subject. Therefore the 15 questions that appear in each of the 50 quizzes in this book, cover a variety of subjects such as sport, science, art, geography, literature, entertainment and general knowledge.

Answers to each quiz are provided on the page following the questions thus saving you from having to flip through to the end of the book in search of answers...

Questions include:

  • The axiom “if anything could go wrong, it will”, is referred to as whose law?
  • What is the heaviest known gaseous element?
  • Who was awarded the Nobel Physics Prize at the age of 25 along with his father, in 1915?

Test your knowledge and confound your friends with QuiziPedia.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 19500
Published: Jun 2013

Genre: General Non-Fiction
Sub-genres: Hobbies & Games

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