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by Robin Roberts

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Special Agent Elizabeth Stone was closing in on Walter Higgs, a mob accountant, when he jumped planet on a ship bound for Ganymede with one hundred and forty-two men and women culled from the prison population to pioneer an experimental community there.

A wormhole diverts the ship to unknown space where they propitiously discover a class M planet and are forced to settle there instead. They are in the process of beginning their new lives on the supposedly uninhabited planet when they are attacked by the planet’s indigenous occupants, a primitive race called the Kai.

Through the extraordinary bravery and diplomacy of Hunter Hewitt, the governor of the new community, the humans achieve peaceful coexistence with the Kai only to have the mysterious Bolae return from space to once again slaughter and enslave the Kai. With the help of their human partners the Kai are able to repel the attack this time but will the Bolae return?

“Pioneers” is the story of man’s will to triumph over not just his enemy but his own fear and frailty, as well.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 124700
Published: Aug 2018

Genre: Science Fiction

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