Muaythai In Thailand - a Martial Arts eBook by Mark Strong.

Muaythai In Thailand

by Mark Strong

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This eBook aims to provide a few insights into the sport, its culture, and those who are involved in it. All from the viewpoint of a Westerner who now knows the people, the country, the mindset, the culture and the language in Thailand from the inside out.

The author has lived in Thailand since 2004 and has travelled, trained and fought there (both in and out of the ring), worked there, got married there and had kids there.

This book aims to present a realistic and honest picture, based on actual experience which hopefully will serve as some kind of guideline for anyone with either an interest in the sport, the country, or both.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 8800
Published: May 2014

Genre: Martial Arts

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