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Mother's Love

by Robin Roberts

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Book 3 in the Sorenson's Gift series.

This fantastic tale of treason and intrigue begins with mysterious footprints about the chest, an enigmatic message from the professor, and once again the Wheeler children are drawn into an outrageous adventure.  This time in 1850’s Alaska.  Desperate for funds to rescue his country’s faltering economy, the Tsar has agreed to sell the Alaskan Territory to the rich Americans.  But two high-ranking Russian officials are dead set on preventing the sale.

Separated by the capricious nature of the chest and the vicious nature of the times, Cimmy is kidnapped and shot, Ryan is stabbed, and Stevie is abandoned alone in a world buried under several feet of snow.  The question now is not will they ever get home or see each other again, but will they even survive.

Only an extraordinary act of faith from a most unsuspected source will save them all.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 144000
Published: Jul 2019

Genre: Fantasy

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