Mark Strong.

Mark Strong

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Mark Strong has been a keen student of the martial arts, and indeed other Asian arts, for 25 years or more. Although he no longer grades in any established martial arts systems, he holds two black belts (5th dan kickboxing, 2nd dan karate) and is an experienced instructor responsible for the creation of his own system of training: Progress Muaythai Martial Arts Conditioning.

Through his practice of martial arts, Mark Strong developed a keen interest in areas of some Asian religions, practices and philosophies, not least of all Meditation, Buddhism, Zen and Yoga. Living in SE Asia since 2004 has enabled Mark to study some of these areas in-depth and thus broaden his own approach and philosophy towards not only physical, mental and spiritual training, but also to life.

The PROGRESS MUAYTHAI Martial Arts Conditioning Program came together after more than a decade of living and training in Thailand to professional fighter and instructor levels. Eventually becoming bored with this approach, however, due to the constant emphasis on only external force, Mark Strong went back to some of his earlier training and began to incorporate a chi kung aspect, with emphasis more on breathing, energy and flowing movements, enhanced by a consistant meditation program to facilitate a more 'empty yet responsive' mindset.

Mark Strong's focus area is currently on the balancing, broadening and coordinating effects of meditation on everyday perceptions and actions, and the way in which this translates and transmutes into other activities such as when working, engaging in martial arts practice, and other situations requiring a rapid response. He continues to write, enthusiastically inspired by such topics, alongside a continuing interest in the development of his own training and that of Progress Muaythai members.




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