Mage Prime - a Fantasy eBook by B J Beach.

Mage Prime

by B. J. Beach

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Volume 2 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.

Karryl’s face was thunderous. “Killers, yes. Natural born? No. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you and your men have had time to recover and made your reports, come to our apartments and I’ll show you what little information we have on these vile creatures.”

They stood a while in silent communion, gazing with revulsion at the aberrant and lifeless forms. An acidic greenish-yellow blood oozed from the diabolically hideous heads, and down the shafts of the weapons on which they were impaled. Severely shaken, but otherwise none the worse for their terrifying encounter, the two remaining soldiers hauled themselves to their feet and came to stand beside their sergeant.

Trying desperately to avoid looking at the loathsome corpses, one of the men gestured in their general direction. “Shall we get these cleared away, Sarge?”

* * *

Following on from his adventures in 'The Wilder' it is now certain that Karryl is the ‘Mage-Prime’, but so what - as his powers grow, so too do the problems that he faces, and even with the intervention of higher beings, will he be ready in time?

Karryl, has quite a lot keeping him busy. Still learning how to control and master magic. Having to fight grelfons, monsters that haven't been seen in a thousand years, and dealing with a mysterious sickness that affects only children. Last but not least, the knowledge that someone he used to know is being trained in evil magic, with the purpose of destroying him and everything that he loves. Time seems to be running out for the Mage Prime.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 114000
Published: Nov 2014

Genre: Fantasy

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