M P Whaley an author of Fantasy eBooks

M P Whaley

Book: Eris Stone & The Book Of Shadows.

Mike Whaley was born in Cardiff in 1974.

"I grew up in a part of Cardiff called Cathays, with my parents and older brother and sister. Many other members of my family also lived in the same street and there was a real sense of community in that area.

My love of literature came from reading a book in High School called, This Time Next Week, which is an autobiography by the author Leslie Thomas. I began to write various stories after that and enjoyed jotting my ideas down.

I have had many jobs from a bar manager to a chemical factory worker. Later in life, I found a job within an insurance company and stayed in that role for many years, but always had the dream of being a writer. Whilst in that job I wrote several articles for the company magazine known as 'The Slug', which was a more comical look at the life of an office worker.

I have lived in Cardiff the majority of my life, and like the lively nightlife and culture that this city brings. I like rugby, reading, watching television and films, and spending quality time with the people I love."



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