Lies That Can Kill - a Health and Medical eBook by Bruce Everett Miller.

Lies That Can Kill

by Bruce Everett Miller

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The Past and present story of Snake oil salesmen, Placebos, Scams, and Quacks.

This book started when I was doing additional research for my book on Chi. I frankly became fascinated by the history and tales of Placebo’s and trickery that have occurred throughout the ages…

I have been fighting mysticism and pseudo science in my hobby of Martial arts for decades. And like everybody I had heard stories of some of the snake oil salesmen of history but I was unaware of how much of this has gone on and how much of it still goes on today! Snake oil products have been with us for ages.

One has to realize that the use of placebo effects, are nothing new. Homer (The ancient Greek poet, not Homer Simpson.) suggested that the same drug could be more or less effective depending on the caregiver, and also depending on if the patient considers the therapist to be an authoritative person or gifted with specific abilities.

So this eBook looks into the facts behind some of the claims be they old examples of 'snake oil' or the more modern scams that feed off of our fears about our health...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 23000
Published: Jan 2014

Genre: General Non-Fiction
Sub-genres: Health and Medical

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