by Nik Forster

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“Kiyoshi feigned concentration and waited for the right moment. The man turned away and Kiyoshi with one swift movement lunged at the umbrella, grabbed hold of the lower part, swung it in an arc and brought the handle down with all the force he could muster on the strangers head.

Kiyoshi prepared himself for the impact of the instrument against the skull of the intruder.

Instead of the dull thud of struck bone there was just the swish of the umbrella’s fabric as it sliced through the air followed by a crack as the metal handle made contact with the floor.

The stranger turned in time to see the figure of Kiyoshi in the final stage of collapse.

He shrugged, gave a sigh of resignation and regarded the prostrate middle-aged schoolteacher flat out on the floor.”

Kiyoshi and the Grumpy Ghost is a light-hearted tale about a lovesick Japanese school teacher haunted by the ghost of a 17th century British Naval Captain. The ancient mariner seeks his aid to find eternal rest.

After coming to terms with the existence of the hereafter, Kiyoshi's life goes steadily downhill by his effort to rid himself of his unwanted visitor.

Read this amusing and interesting tale to find out if Kiyoshi gets the girl of his dreams and also manages to get rid of his unwelcome ethereal visitor.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 57500
Published: July 2018

Genre: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Adventure

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