Kaelum - The Book Of Legend - a Fantasy eBook by Robin Roberts.

Kaelum - The Book Of Legend

by Robin Roberts

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Itaran law forbids riding the peels, for to do so is certain death. Charged with preventing anyone from attempting to ride the peels, Faron, a Ranger of Trust, finds his own soul inexorably drawn to fly. When he meets Wolf, a beautiful priestess even more alluring and mysterious than the peels, he falls immediately under her spell.

Driven by a need deep within her, Wolf must leave Itar, but to do so she must ride a peel forcing Faron to choose between her and the law he represents, between the known and the unknown.

Soon Wolf and Faron are drawn into a conflict that will affect more than just Itar - a war that will affect all the worlds of Kaelum - Will their destiny be one of triumph or disaster?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 112500
Published: Jun 2016

Genre: Fantasy

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