Heart of the Ocean - a Fantasy eBook by Jean Taylor.

Heart of the Ocean

by Jean Taylor

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“I’m a Ninja.”

“They only assign Ninjas taller than 1.3 meters.”


Maxine is sarcastic, gorgeous, intelligent and a wanted criminal… and Max sure knows how to pick a partner in crime. But then again, who could blame her? After all, she was pulled into a different world! Working with friends like Leo, a telepath, and Begera, a leopard lady shape shifter. Max tries to help save this world from a terrible fate. But the darkness is cunning. Who knows, even her friends could be her enemies.


Suitable for both Young Adults and Adults who are still young at heart - come along with Max and her new friends including Clinton... An ex-Unicorn ...as they meet intrigue and danger.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 48500
Published: Jul 2015

Genre: Fantasy

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