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Feral Cat

by Nik Forster

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The story of Pie Whackett.

A pregnant domestic house cat is accidentally transported in the back of a removal truck to the rainforest of Queensland. If she and her kittens are to survive she must fight tooth and claw, rely on her instincts, kill or be killed; face snakes, goannas, eagles, dingoes, floods and the most dangerous of  all, man.


There are purported to be eighteen million feral cats living in Australia, each animal a potential threat to the existence of many native fauna. Expert hunters, they have extremely efficient senses, are naturally cautious, mostly nocturnal and difficult to eradicate.

This story is aimed at cat lovers and tells it from the cat’s perspective.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 33100
Published: May 2019

Genre: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Adventure

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