Family Duty - a Crime eBook by C P Sennett.

Family Duty (A Squad B story)

by C P Sennett

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A short story from the Squad B Archives - Vol 4.

Mira, Italian, beautiful and very very deadly. Mira is a Squad B member and no stranger to violence, but this time it's not an assignment, it's personal. It's not in some far-flung corner of the world, no, it's home, it's more than a request, it's Family Duty.


The Squad B Archives: The Archives are a collection of short stories set in 2032. Squad B are a group of individuals who work together in high level espionage, assassination, corporate and political affairs for their elusive employer.

A mysterious Frenchman and the owner of a business that doesn’t legally exist provides the missions for the group and each is now expecting his call.


eBook details:
Number of Words: 4900
Published: Dec 2013

Genre: Mystery & Adventure
Sub-genres: Crime / Science Fiction / Short Story

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