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Elephant Box

by Jo Saunders

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A fantasy for teens, and adults who are young at heart.

A story which ranges across continents and time. From Africa to India, to England and back to Africa, the box journeys through the centuries. Lovingly constructed around a small enchanted ivory carving, the box calls to men and to elephants, meeting many on the way.

Prophesy surrounds the box. Oaths sworn on it take on great power. Voices of the prophesy come through in dreams and the lives of three families are affected for generations.

Sanjay Gopal is an Indian, descended from a Nawab, who has fallen on bad times. Sanjay, guided by voices, locates the box in South Africa in 1904, and takes it back to India.

Umlindi Ndlovhu is a Zulu medicine man, whose ancestor was once a slave boy in India, who covets Sanjay’s box, believing it to be his inheritance.

Corporal Trotter was a drunken British soldier in India back in 1857 who commited an atrocity. This was witnessed by an Indian boy and his black slave, who both swear oaths of vengeance on the box - then Trotter steals the box.

Sam Norton is a boy who has visions and hears voices. He is the destined bearer of the box, but has much to experience before he obtains it. He is adopted by Evan Raft, who is Trotter’s descendant and who has been a guardian of the box. We follow Sam’s life, as he works his way towards the box, through school, and travels, prison for murder and to his ultimate destiny with elephants.

Sam has vivid dreams, often recurring. He dreams of Evan’s murder.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 92600
Published: Dec 2015

Genre: Fantasy

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