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SALO - Canine Outlaw

by Nik Forster

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Second and revised edition released Jun 2018.

The harsh Australian outback... where death is only a single mistake away...

A dingo pup, only a few weeks old, is orphaned when his parents are shot and killed by a cattle farmer. Near to death from starvation, the pup is rescued by David Wiringales, an elderly Aborigine who lives a solitary life in the outback.

David has two pet dogs, one of whom recently gave birth to two pups. The dingo is named Salo and is adopted into the family.

A few months later a powerful storm blows across the northern desert; David is badly injured, he is airlifted to hospital. The dogs and the three pups are taken into care but the pups escape and have to fend for themselves.

Along with his two adopted siblings, Salo has to learn to survive but the trio commit the unforgivable sin of killing sheep. Now with farmers out for revenge how can they possibly survive?

* * *

‘Salo - Canine Outlaw’ is a fictitious story of two families of dingoes, one located in the South and one in the North of Australia. 

Concentrating mainly on the dogs of the North, it illustrates the harsh conditions they endure to survive, the attitude of farmers and others who consider them vermin; the dingo fence, the traps, poisons, and relentless heat and dangers of the outback, all of which make the dogs life a continuous struggle.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 43300
Published: Dec 2016 - 2nd revised edition Jun 2018

Genre: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Adventure

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