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David Lawrence Morris

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I grew up in Phoenix Arizona. I never thought about writing most of my life. I was scarred by the English teachers who hated my handwriting. My handwriting never got better but as I grew to manhood and graduated from college at ASU computers were on the horizon.

After a lifetime working in advertising and later in administration, helping to manage companies caring for troubled children or the elderly, I retired early to Palm Springs, CA. For the first time I had the time to put my thoughts and dreams on paper via the computer.

I have been blessed with a wonderful life filled with fascinating characters. Many of the wonderful and not so wonderful experiences from my life find their way into my works.

Romance is always an integral part of my works. I'm a romantic at heart and if I couldn't have my characters find happiness and fulfillment in one another it just wouldn't seem worth my time.

My goal is to have a reader who can't put my story down.



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