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Cloning Around

by Robert Cubitt

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Volume 4 in 'The Magi' series.

‘Cloning Around’ is the fourth thrilling instalment of the Magi series.

Marty and Davina tell a strange story, while An Kohli and Den help a primitive tribe to settle old scores against their neighbours, at the same time as stealing the egg that they worship. Then An Kohli finds herself in bed with the mysterious Max Wallfly. It's all go when you're a bounty hunter.

What did happen to the Namsat Elba, an exploration ship from the Planet Ecos, and what has that to do with An Kohli? More importantly, will it stop her from retrieving the fourth of the Magi eggs?

Read ‘Cloning Around’ to find out.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 81000
Published: Dec 2017

Genre: Science Fiction

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