Brothers in Arms - a General Fiction eBook by Martin Flynn.

Brothers in Arms

by Martin Flynn

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Brothers in Arms’ is a short fictional tale, depicting the relationship of two highly competitive brothers.

Ben and Tom Berry, grow up together in the late 1980s before deciding to enlist into the Infantry Regiment of the British Army during the early 90s.

Their relationship throughout their early childhood and through the duration of their Basic Training in the Armed Forces is not an easy one. They devise a dangerous game of ‘Chicken’ when young, which has the potential to be far more dangerous as they grow older.

- - -

“Ready?” I asked already knowing Tom’s response.
“Ready!” came the expected reply.
“Right, you know the rules; we both swim out as far as we can, no bottling it, no turning back and no holding back.” Chicken was a game we had devised on this particular family holiday. We would both be stood at the foot of the deep blue ocean shore, the objective being to see which of the two siblings could swim out the furthest to sea, a test of physical ability, stamina, determination and most of all guts, knowing that each heavy stroke we took, meant doubling our weary heavy efforts for the return swim back to shore and the secureness of safety.

- - -

Will a betrayal and a major argument between two brothers result in one game of Chicken too many?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 22000
Published: Apr 2015

Genre: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Military Fiction

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