Blessings Flow in the Valley - Your 85 Day Devotional Book - a Personal Development eBook by Veronica McCullough.

Blessings Flow in the Valley - 85 Day Devotional

by Veronica McCullough

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Blessings Flow in the Valley - Your 85 Day Devotional Book.

Demonstrating God’s presence and love not only during the good times but also during the storms of life.

A woman, who relies on God in every aspect of life, reveals how God is a Father, Helper, and Friend during the darkest hours. Growing up without a father caused her to be broken, so she turned to God for validation, guidance, and to fill the void with His unconditional love. By his loving kindness, he taught her how to love through her pains and frustrations, gently mended her heart, and restored her from all the negative impacts of a single-parent home.

Through the valley, God sheds his light on the path that leads us to communion, joy, and blessings. Her heartfelt testimonies soothe, liberate, and encourage the broken and withdrawn hearts. During the valley experiences, she recognizes him as sovereign God, Daddy, and develops a close, intimate relationship with him.

I pray that this book will ignite a craving to know him better than ever before. Remember that his perfect love for you is greater than any problems. Receive his spiritual blessings that will inspire you to be the women and men of God that he created. By faith and his power, walk in his purpose for your life.

- - -

A heartfelt collection of passages written by a true woman of God.
“This book, in my opinion, is a blueprint for anyone who wants to build a true relationship with God.
I have known Veronica for five decades, and even when I first got to know her, I felt that she was someone special. Even at a young age, Veronica exhibited a strong and very remarkable sense of spirituality, and I could sense that every time we talked.
Blessings Flow in the Valley validates what I had known since the 70s - Veronica is indeed someone special. The wisdom she gives her readers in many passages of her book is something that under no circumstances should be ignored.”
ARTHUR L. MACK - Author of Dignity Before Dollars
- - -
“Veronica’s ‘Blessings Flow in The Valley’ isn’t your typical devotional ... it is an inspirational compilation of her heartfelt testimonies and powerful stories of fellow believers who have sought God during difficult times and times of need. Her stories not only reveal God’s love and faithfulness in her own life and the lives of others, but also how you can experience a deeper relationship with God and attain the fulfillment of His promises no matter what situation you’re facing.”

Tenir Gumbs, Miles College (Literature Instructor).

eBook details:
Number of Words: 42500
Published: Jul 2015

Genre: Personal Development
Sub-genres: Religion & Spirituality

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