Bhargava R. Kotur

Bhargava R. Kotur

Book: The Nascent Moon


Mr. Bhargava Kotur is the third and last child to his parents. Both of his parents were teachers in a country high school, in south India. During his childhood he lived in a small village, which facilitated him to live close to nature and he believes this is one of the reasons for the development of his poetic talents later on in life. 

His father was an English teacher and he, along with many other things introduced the English literature to Mr. Bhargava, especially its greatest poets Wordsworth, Shelly and Keats. This is another reason for the development of his poetic thought – he believes.

Mr. Bhargava had his engineering education in India and pursued master of business administration in USA. He pursued an M. Phil degree too later in India in leadership and management. He is interested in diverse fields apart from his formal education, from atomic physics to cosmology, from mythology to modern computers and beyond.

Born in a traditional Hindu family, he loves his religion and culture and on the other hand he likes the modern sciences too.

Now, he lives in the small town Chittoor, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh along with his parents. He writes two blogs namely ’Science in Hinduism’ and ‘Wise Matters’. He loves wandering and researching. He has many patents applied for and many research publications to his credit.




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