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Benjamin K M Kellogg

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Born in 1991, Benjamin is an autistic adult and a life-long resident of a small village in central New York State, USA. He graduated summa cum laude from Cayuga Community College in 2012 with an Associate Degree in Arts in Humanities and Social Science with a concentration in writing.

Since his graduation, he has been pursuing a career in freelance writing. For nearly three years, he wrote a biweekly column about his experiences as an autistic adult for an online autism resource. He also maintains a personal blog,, where he shares his thoughts and perspectives about movies, television, books, videogames, professional wrestling (especially WWE), and anything else on his mind.

Benjamin created the “Noah and Logan” children’s book series as a way to help children with autism learn the social and life skills he struggled with as a child. He sincerely hopes his written works are of help to and enjoyed by readers everywhere.




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