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B J Beach

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B J lives near the north coast of West Cornwall. Her large mobile home, with distant views of St.Ives Bay, is partly enclosed by a semi-wild garden which is regularly visited by various wildlife, including a badger, foxes, squirrels, and a multitude of birds. She has been writing since childhood, but only began taking it seriously when she retired after being widowed a few years ago. Much of her writing is in the epic fantasy genre, although she frequently ventures into horror and the supernatural, with some poetry thrown in for good measure.

She is well travelled, mainly in North Africa and the Himalayas, and has also had a number of occupations as widely ranging as military service to long distance lorry driver to retailing, with a number of points in between. The impressions and life experiences gained have, she feels, helped her to add colour and authenticity to her writing.


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