Anthony Mongilia an author of Personal Development eBooks

Anthony Mongilia

Book: Game Planning for Life.

Anthony “Babe” Mongilia, also known more simply as ‘Coach Mongilia’, is a respected educator, coach, school administrator, manager and salesman. From his 47 year career experience he has written Game Planning for Life to aid those who come up against roadblocks in their personal and professional life.

Anthony started as a newspaper carrier from the age of ten to fifteen years of age, getting up every day at five a.m. (Never missed a day of delivery!)

He is proud of his coaching success, but just as proud of his record in managing personnel, supervising educators, and molding young people as a Dean of Students. In addition he was rated a top sales staff member upon entering the world of sales.

He’s a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas College Hall of Fame. During his life, he was a state champion head football coach; A five time football coach of the year; A four time baseball coach of the year; A top salesman for Porche/Audi; The National Football Foundation College Hall of Fame coach of the year; Man of the year for North Jersey High School Football Officials Association; A Student Broker and Admission counselor for Adult Education in Bergen County; And, a middle school science and math teacher for thirty years.

The reason for writing his book was simple. Many people have a fear of confronting different or new ventures. Coach Mongilia offers a game plan to work through those fears, presenting an easy to read, meaningful, and useful book to help you to gain success in your future.



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