A Minstrel's Quest - a Fantasy eBook by B J Beach.

A Minstrel's Quest

by B. J. Beach

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Volume 4 in 'The Trouble With Magic'.

The fourth book in the ‘Trouble With Magic’ introduces a new ‘hero’ the Minstrel Corlin (although a few ‘old friends’ may appear along the way). It can be read in order - you have read the previous three stories, haven’t you? Or it can be read as a standalone tale of magic and adventure.

* * *

Easy in the saddle, the corporal in front reined in his mount, looked down at Corlin and then looked round at his troopers. “I think we’ve found ourselves a vagrant!”

Corlin struggled to his feet, gingerly prodded the back of his head and frowned. The lump he found there felt as though it might hatch at any minute.

Swaying briefly he adjusted his balance on the uneven ground. “No sir; my name is Corlin. “I’m a travelling minstrel.”
The corporal exchanged glances with his two grinning troopers, and gave him a disbelieving smirk. “Well Master whatever your name is, I see no pipe or gimalin. Invisible, is it?”

Not overly impressed by the corporal’s attempts at humour, Corlin scowled. “I was set upon by footpads. They took my horse, my gimalin and my purse.”

* * *

So starts the Minstrel Corlin’s quest to find the magical clock that had been created by the Mage Malchevolus, which he needs in order to free his brother Clies from slavery. Will Corlin’s musical talents enable him to achieve his quest in the time allotted by Lord Treevers or will his brother have to remain a slave?

Along the way Corlin will meet and be either hindered or helped by various magicians and magical creatures as well as folk both good and not so good, but in the end it will be his decisions that decide his own fate and the fate of his brother and of many others as well.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 119500
Published: Jan 2016

Genre: Fantasy

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