A Knight Out (Of Time) - a Fantasy eBook by B J Beach.

A Knight Out (Of Time)

by B. J. Beach

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A Novella set in the 'The Trouble With Magic' Universe.

It isn’t every day that a knight from the past drops in for a visit, but when two arrive simultaneously and in different places they bring more problems than just that of returning them to their own time. For a while there seem to be more questions than answers, and King Vailin’s magician Symon finds himself faced with more than one perplexing trail to follow. It does seem, however, that all those trails lead to Baron Cedric’s castle at Odstone.

When a mysterious and meddlesome wizard turns up in the mix, even the king is roped in to help with Symon’s devious plan to discover his true identity.

Introducing Agnes, an old and trusted friend of Symon’s, we also meet again with a few other familiar friends from ‘The Trouble with Magic’ series. Working closely with Symon they attempt to restore order to a very worrying, sometimes humorous but nevertheless unique, situation.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 43500
Published: Dec 2016

Genre: Fantasy

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