A Section for Laughing - a Biography eBook by Neil Walton.

A Section for Laughing

by Neil Walton

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"Born in a wind tunnel, Neil had a turbulent start in life, and found it difficult to mix with other children, as they didn’t understand his sense of humour. His mother, an up and coming giraffe sexer and part time welder, doted on her second child, and spent many years telling him that his sister had run away to join the New Barnet Nazi League, London. His father, a retired golf divot, and volunteer whelk whisperer, supplemented his wages by trout tickling. Sadly, after manhandling several old trouts at a local bus terminus, he was arrested and subsequently exiled to Stevenage, England prior to asking for 72 other cases to be taken into consideration." 

Neil Walton survived a protracted clinical depressive phase, only to be diagnosed with type II bipolar disorder. An occupational therapist referred him to a local editorial team and writing ensued... His observational humour (and a life full of much craziness with the occasional added dash of extremely strange) has given birth to 'A Section for Laughing'...

eBook details:
Number of Words: 78500
Published: Mar 2015

Genre: Biographies

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