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A Secret World

by SuZanne Ahlin

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A short story in the 'A Secret World' series - ideal for those who loved reading ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’.

Quietly, secretly moving among us, here, today, in this modern world with all its high technology, there live people that aren’t at all like you and I.

They look like us, act like we do, or no... wait…. That’s the big difference. They are people, even different species, with magic skills. They live in a secret world that lies within our modern world.

But their world is very very old and they still live like they did hundreds of years ago. This secret world is a man’s world. He rules but he also protect and takes care of his woman.

A woman living in our time wouldn’t understand…. But what happens when a modern woman gets to see behind his mask, the mask that his world force him to have, can she understand, can she adjust or will they both suffer?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 46500
Published: Aug 2016

Genre: Fantasy
Sub-genres: Romance / Supernatural

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