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A New Family

by Robin Roberts

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Book 2 in the Sorenson's Gift series.

Ryan and Stevie’s father is marrying Cimmy’s mother and the two are leaving for a two-week honeymoon in Paris. It has been a year since the children first traveled in the chest and discovered that other America. A year of frequent trips to visit their newfound friends there. But they are children and yearn for greener pastures.

Despite their parents’ insistence they travel only to that one familiar destination during their absence, the children decide to take an afternoon trip to see the Grand Canyon.

But once again the chest proves whimsical and instead of arriving at The Grand Canyon, they arrive at Two Pines, a dying little town sixty miles to the south where their afternoon jaunt becomes a month-long odyssey.

An unexpected discovery in the desert has the three children running for their lives. Separated from Ryan by a cave-in, Cimmy and Stevie are forced to live off the land while trying desperately to elude Anderson Branch, a money hungry tycoon who has poisoned the town’s well.

Before the three can get back together and return to their home in Kansas, Cimmy is captured by Branch’s men and sentenced to death, Stevie collapses from dehydration in the desert and sees images in the smoke, and Ryan is jailed and shoots a man.


eBook details:
Number of Words: 94500
Published: Sep 2018

Genre: Fantasy

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