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Operation Slingshot by C P Sennett
Operation Slingshot
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Operation Slingshot - A Squad B Story - Vol 2.
In 2032 business is hard, companies employ a range of legal and illegal means to keep on top. Ex-military, well trained and comfortable with killing, Billy Bob is the owner of Overt Security. Overt Security makes equipment for use by the world’s military elite and business is tough.

When government and military contracts come up for tender the process is fierce. His co-directors believed he was out of the game as an operative but Billy Bob is doing this mission in person, but when you’re as rich as he is, you have to ask why.
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The Squad B Archives: The Archives are a collection of short stories set in 2032. Squad B are a group of individuals who work together in high level espionage, assassination, corporate and political affairs for their elusive employer.

A mysterious Frenchman and the owner of a business that doesn’t legally exist provides the missions for the group and each is now expecting his call.

eBook details:
Number of Words: 3800
Published: Aug 2013

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