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Kith And Kill by Thea Hartley
Kith And Kill
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Book 1 of the 'Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries'.
The light streamed in through the bedroom window where the curtains hadn’t been pulled completely closed, allowing a beam to create a spotlight.

A mirror on the dressing table reflected the scene in the room, the tableaux of bodies entwined beneath the sheets. One arm dangled over the side of the bed, a woman’s, with small wrists and nails, painted deep red except for the index finger, where the varnish had chipped. A male shape was outlined on the right hand side beneath the lilac and white sheet.

A large crimson stain had spread over both bodies, and dripped on to the floor. The stain was blood. The couple were dead.

Outside the bedroom door Anna sat, with her back to the wall trembling. Her hands were shaking, as she tried to use her phone, eyes red and bloodshot with tears. She only wore one shoe; the other was dangling from one of the stair rungs leading down from the Attic room, the hatch wide open.
“Emergency services” came a disembodied voice from the phone “which service do you require?”
* * *
Resa James is a criminal psychologist and university lecturer - asked to consult for the police she is drawn into a multiple murder mystery that seems to have a connection to a fertility clinic. What links the victims together and who is the murderer?

eBook details:
Number of Words: 73000
Published: Nov 2014

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