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Jamie Clubb
Books and Profile
The Legend of Salt & Sauce
10th Anniversary Edition - Updated, added to and with additional photographs.
‘The Legend of Salt and Sauce’ at last reveals the true story of Britain's most famous and feared elephants, and the people who knew them. It is a tale that began in the jungles of India and plays out in Great Britain, as these literal giants of the entertainment world walked the length and breadth of the country.
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Martial Arts
Mordred's Victory
Having been born into a travelling circus family, Jamie Clubb offers a fresh and unique insight to the world of martial arts. In his preface to this book, Geoff Thompson says, “The writer is erudite and extremely well read and practised, the writing is literary and compelling and the prose is articulate and challenging for all the right reasons”.
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When Parents Aren't Around
“When Parents Aren’t Around: A Young Person’s Guide to Real Self-Protection” offers up-to-date and well researched information that is easy to read for 8-13 year old children and their parents.
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Wrong Fu
This unique collection of essays, provides a prequel to Jamie Clubb’s multi-volume work, 'Bullshitsu and the Fight to Make Martial Arts Work'.
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Jamie Clubb
Jamie Chipperfield Clubb was born into a circus family. He lived on his parents’ travelling show until they ceased touring in 1983.
Unsurprisingly his background led him to pursue a wide range of subjects and experiences. He has had a lifelong interest in writing, history, psychology, literature, mythology, the arts, criminology, showbusiness, critical thinking and physical development.
He has been a professional performer, an extreme professional wrestling promoter, an administrator for his parents’ private zoo and he is a qualified assessor for National Vocational Qualifications / Qualifications and Credit Framework.
He gained his first black belt aged 16 in Sakiado and went on to train in a wide range of martial arts and modern self-protection systems, gaining several teaching qualifications, including a BTEC Advanced Award in Self-Defence Instruction. Having written for the UK’s leading martial arts magazines he has had the opportunity to train closely with some of the world’s most renowned instructors. He founded his own approach to martial arts and self-protection, Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in 2004.
He wrote and presented the best-selling documentaries, Cross Training in the Martial Arts 1 and 2, in 2005 and 2006 respectively.
His first book, The Legend of Salt and Sauce, was published in 2008.
Jamie is married with a daughter, a stepdaughter and a stepson, and lives on his parents’ zoo in the Cotswolds.
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